Wednesday, May 20, 2009


"You came through in the clutch,Professor,"smiled,Andre'.

"I was ready to throw in the towel,"chimed in Kat.

"As the Chronicler,you will be the satellite that always circles the chosen ones,"chanted LMDC.


"For saving my life-here-now-in this clinic-I request that you set ink to paper-record the beginnings here,today-and for your efforts you will be know forever as the 'Chronicler' ."


For the first time,the professor saw LMDC outside of her box.She was taller(6'2" or so) than he had thought.Her almond shaped eyes were hypnotic.Her cadence was like rhyme and meter.Smooth like wine,"Let me pose you an question,"she spoke,"Give you an offer you can not refuse."


He felt himself being set down in a chair,"No jeers from the balcony,"he heard Andre' say with a smile in his voice.Micheal had to channel all of his engeries to open his eyes,"Is it dawn or dusk?"


"Did the good guys win?"the professor asked,not quite knowing what he was asking.

"Here,"he heard someone say(was it Kat?),"Don't drop him.

Another voice,"You set me free."

Clearing the cobwebs,he heard himself say,"No charge.It's on me."


Micheal Stanley slowly regained conciseness,"Well,don't pretend you aren't awake,"he heard a female voice say as someone else lifted him up from behind ,"Get up and return to the living."


So much information began to sweep him off his feet.It seemed to be breathing salt.His lungs-his whole being-becoming salt.A rush,somewhat like sipping a too strong-too bitter tea-emcompassed him.It became stronger and stronger upon him.His eyes rolled back into his head.He felt like he was going to totally disappear into nothingness.Though he thought he should feel panicked...he did not dislike it.


It was too much for the professor's senses.While Andre' and Kat embraced in a sensuous-almost glossy-blue glow,the red smoke that was LDMC started to coagulate in a gentle waltz like blood in water.


Now,turned to recall mode,the power to the prison walls simply cutout.LMDC was free.


It was hard for the professor to breath.It was like he was drowning in the bottom of the ocean.Yet,he was happy.This was what he 'knew' would happen.He reached to the manual switch to LMDC's cage.It was time to set her free.


A bright blue glow suddenly surrounded the both of them.He kissed her,and she,surprising herself,kissed him back.

Professor Micheal Stanley stepped back.A strong hint of salt started to infect his nostrils.The taste stuck in his throat and to the roof of his mouth.


Andre' gently touched her on the cheek,"My dear,you'd need a passport to cause an international incident,"he smiled "Oh,Kat,don't be afraid.You've already got the general idea...just give it a yourself up to the possibilities..knock on the door and all will be opened to you."and then he strongly embraced her.


"Oh,Andre',you're already starting to disconnect from reality.Soon,you'll be just a shade of your former self.She got me believing these exact same things...but,they're wrong,Andre'don't you see?!?"

The professor helped Andre' up at from his desk chair,"Don't cause an international incident, know he's right.That's why we brought him here."


Andre' grabbed Kat by the wrist,"You misunderstood me,Kat.I'm better than alright.This energy is fantastic.I'm a fully charged battery.My thought processes are almost without limit.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


"She's whacked his brain,professor,"Kat stated in a panic,"She's smashed a square peg into his round hole.She's A-C'ed his D-C!"She grabbed her cap off of Andre's head and smashed it back onto her own noggin,"My God,professor!How can I provide him with any help if I can't help myself?"

Sunday, April 05, 2009


"I will know every fingerprint,every flutter of every heart-when the next blackout will is all before me,"he grabbed Kat by the shoulders,"Actually,it is all before:US."


"What are you talking about,Andre'?"
"I know that your bracelet has a phone number on the back...that there is exactly eleven dollars and thirty seven cents in your purse.Any level of knowledge from the past I can attain..."


"What are you talking about,?"asked the puzzled Kat,helping Michael help Andre' to a seat.
"Ssh,"ordered the professor.
"Once I open the memory,other words like:Subway;Shampoo;Beloved-can open other folders of information...which,in turn can open even more..."


"Are you OK,Andre'?"asked Kat.
"I'm...Ok...LMDC planted what she called a 'Glow Tape' into my conciseness.Disguised as a false memory of me watching an old Wilson Pickett interview....If I focus on that memory,I get the reward..."


"Let me be specific,here,"chimed in the professor,"We are not killing her.Hell,I don't think we could even if we tried.We've got her locked in the grid.We have got to find out why she attacked Andre' before we do anything else."


Kat hit the key,and the red mist was once again sucked out of the digital cage,"I won't be happy until that bitch is buried sixteen feet underground."

"I'm startled to hear you say that,"said the quickly coming around,Andre'.


Michael looked over at the red presence,now returning into the 'Convertible',"I believe that vulture is trying to reform.Kat,go to the keypad,and keep hitting the 'Shift' button until she disappears."


Kat took off her aluminum foil cap from the top of the off her head.She flipped it onto Andre's,"This is just classic,"she sneered,"Vow to me,Michael,to fill in the empty spaces."


"Let's go Kat!You just can't skate through this!Just do it like we've trained .My neglect might have already been his undoing."


"He's going mental on us,"said the professor,"Kat,install the noggin protector...if you catch my drift."


"Andre'?" the professor repeated,"Are you OK?Can you get up?"
Andre' started coming around,but was mumbling,"Can you turn her off?Can you delete her?"
"What is wrong,Andre'?"Kat gasped.
""Wilson Pickett a constant loop...This ..this is what our lives are going to become.."

Monday, February 16, 2009


The professor grabbed something that looked like a dimmer switch and turned it.A fan at the top of the tank began to turn.A red mist began to swirl beneath it.

"Kat,help me stand him up.Andre'?Andre'?Can you hear me?"


A red thread of mist seemed to sprout from LMDC's face,and then another and then,yet,another.Soon,it seemed as though a drawer full of threads had surrounded her body;enveloping her in something like a cocoon.And then,'poof ',she vanished.


This put the professor in the middle of things,"Look,LMDC,I told him you would not hurt him.Remember that."

Michael,then slammed down a huge red button.He clicked another switch to lock it in place.


Kat saw an immediate change on Andre's face,an almost sublime look,that frightened her.She,with both hands,reached for her hat.She hesitated.If she took it off the princess in the tank could attack her before she could give it to Andre'.

Monday, January 19, 2009


The professor grabbed Andre' as he was about to topple.Andre's eyes were rolling back,and the veins on his forehead were bulging and purplish (the color of grapes)instead of their usual blue.Michael,in a dance like motion, set Andre' to the ground.


"Your finite mind will not to be able to comprehend all that I have,now,just given you,"she thought to him,"But, know that you have always been a favorite of mine."


He did not smoke,but this feeling felt like that dizziness he felt when he tried inhaling that cigarette of Kat's that one time,only stronger,like he had inhaled a carton,instead.

In reality,LMDC was giving him a wealth of information...perhaps,too much at one time,but she had to be quick .


Andre' had no idea what she had meant.But somehow,it felt like a bandage being pulled off a long forgotten scab.Or like a long lost bill for a loan that had gone well past due.

Thursday, January 01, 2009


It was strange hearing her voice inside his head[ like-a shiny gloss on gravel-was how he thought of it],but after a few seconds,it seemed so natural that he pondered how using vocal cords could have passed for actual communication all this time.


LMDC had huge,turquoise,almond shaped eyes;a small thin nose(almost all nostrils-more dark circles than nose),and long thin lips.Her hair was long straight and blond floating around her as if she were in water.

She,herself,was floating in what looked like a large fish tank made out of giant HD Tv screens.She spoke to Andre',but not with her voice-she would not give him that,but through his mind,"Solstice be praised-the 'two' are together."


His attention was broken from the size of the place by thousands of brightly lit contraptions...wires,video screens,florescent tubes,sparks flying.A sound like a deep sigh(or a breath from Darth Vader) broke his concentration.He looked in the direction of the noise.

An odor like burnt toast waffled through his nose.That is when he first saw her.


What Andre' saw was not exactly what he imaged he would see(if you could imagine what would belong in a mad scientist's lab,of course).The interior looked much larger than he expected from the outside of the some massive loading dock at Wal*Mart,or something.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


He turned to Andre',"And it is my wish that you 'both' remain mellow and try to put up a solid front.I don't want to have to ask either of you to hit the sidewalk,but I will."

With that,Professor Michael Stanley opened the door.At first all Andre' could see was light.


The three of them walked from the car to the dimly lit door.The professor unlocked the latch,"I know you could listen to Kat muse poetically all night,Andre",by putting his shoulder into the door,he began to open it,"But I want you to not to be frightened when you see LDMC.The gear and stuff around her have her contained.She is of no danger,and in no danger."